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What Is Dead May Never Be Again?

Game of Thrones, the HBO television show based on the acclaimed fantasy series written by George R.R. Martin has many characters who will battle for control of the Iron Throne, and who each have a reason to do so. Tyrion, a young boy king in the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, seeks to become the king of the realm by right of conquest. His brother Aerion, who commands the army of the Reach, stakes out for the throne as well, but are they trying to claim the Iron Throne or keep it for themselves?

Cersei, a queen in the North, comes to King’s Landing with her brother and future husband, Renly Baratheon. Tired of seeing her younger sister, Brien, rule from her bed, she hopes to find someone who can fulfill her dream of being a queen. Tywin, a knight of the Kingsguard, has been offered the chance to marry her to reply, and he plans to honor that choice. He is not entirely convinced that she should make such a large commitment though, since he loves his own sister, Shae. Meanwhile, Cersei’s father, Tybolt, has been growing increasingly distant, and he refuses to acknowledge Cersei’s claim to the Iron Throne.

Meanwhile, in the east, Daenerys Stormborn has been abandoned by her mother and brothers during her quest to reach the city of Braavos. She has survived thanks to the help of a band of willing refugees and then a group of Braavosi guards, whom she turns to for help in her mission. However, when she arrives there she realizes that she may be too big a threat to the stability of the Iron Throne. As her family and her people’s fight for her life, she also battles for her unborn son, whom she has named Aegon. As the conflict brews, she also tries to balance her relationship with the Targaryens and the Iron Throne, all the while hoping to win the ultimate prize for her family: her family’s rule over the entire Seven Kingdoms of Westeros.

Of course, no discussion on Game of Thrones would be complete without addressing the most famous scene from the series: the one between Cersei and Jon Snow. Without giving too much away, in the book, Cersei is about to get herself killed by Jon Snow, but is saved by a mysterious stranger. The mysterious stranger tells Cersei that her husband has died, and that Cersei must marry him immediately or the family will be ruined. Theon Greyjoy, a loyalist of the Iron Throne who is close to Cersei, then enters the scene and tells Cersei that she and Jon Snow are his children, and he is their protector as well as their leader.

In the TV series, Cersei and Jon Snow do not have to reconcile to save the marriage. Cersei already knows the truth about their familial relationship, which was that they are father and son, so there was no need to lie about it. In fact, Cersei even encourages Jon Snow to kill Cersei and the rest of her family to keep her from harm, as it will make things much easier for her once she has been fully committed to the Iron Throne as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Jon decides to accept the order, not wanting to risk his life saving Cersei, but he soon discovers that he cannot leave her to die. He then confronts Cersei and the two fight with Cersei nearly losing, but Jon manages to defeat her in the end.

There is a very important difference between the book and the television show. During the book, Cersei is literally dying, and Jon is literally watching her die. This experience forces him to take a more personal role in the events of the series, and he spends much more time helping out his friends and family than he does lead his own faction. The television show, by comparison, only shows Cersei dying once.

In the books, Cersei is literally dying, as she is stabbed through the heart during the Red Wedding. This is different from the television show in many ways, including the fact that it did not happen on television, but rather as a result of a planned demonstration by the guards. Cersei’s death is one of the most iconic scenes in all of literature, and it makes for an interesting reading contrast with the very symbolical death of Cersei in the books. The death of Cersei caused her brother to break down completely, becoming a recluse. There is also much speculation as to what really happened to him during the Red Wedding, but there is no doubt that his life was cut short when Cersei died.

The death of Cersei is the climax of the book series, and it was certainly necessary for the TV show to move on with other characters. However, in some ways, the death of Cersei was actually a necessary part of the narrative for several reasons. The majority of the book’s characters die in mysterious or tragic manners, leaving very small openings for the next generation of characters. The lack of Cersei’s death, for example, allowed Peter Dinkins to develop the character of Tyrion and allowed for important subplots involving Joanna and Tyrion to be introduced.

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