Google Pixel`s 6 About Question Million-Dollar Baby

For all of the juicy leaks surrounding google’s upcoming pixel 6 telephone, one seriously crucial question remains cryptically replied.

Guy, the pixel 6 wonderful is shaping as an awful lot as be one heck of a phone.

Now, do not get too excited yet. Google’s subsequent pixel flagship remains some distance from being official, and we probable might not listen a peep of confirmation approximately it (or have the ability to buy the blasted thing) till someday ’round october.

However, well, it wouldn’t be a pixel phone if it failed to leak like an aged badger’s mouth after a busy experience to the dentist. (Hey, even men want the crown occasionally.) And based entirely on all the information we have heard about the Pixel 6 so far, it may just be the uncompromising Google flagship smartphone we have been waiting for. Look at that-well, of course based on past contact days.

The latest leak, if you haven’t heard of it, looks like the Pixel 6 will provide software support for a full five years, a huge leap from the current three-year standard (and the possibility that it shouldn’t be there. For any It’s a surprise for those who follow). Combined with the eye-catching design and top specifications that we would also like to see on this device, this could be a very attractive package. However, for all promising possibilities, this latest Pixel model has a big, shining unknown. It may have a huge impact on the location, reception and chances of success of the mobile phone.

Stay with me for a while, because to understand the future of the Google Pixel project, we must briefly look back at the past. In last year’s Pixel 5, Google’s mobile phone manufacturing strategy has undergone major changes. In stark contrast to all previous pixels, Pixel 5 takes a clear value-centric approach. This means lower prices, more reminiscent of Nexus. But it also means a significant departure from the better quality nature of the first four pixels and the vision that Google has built around the brand.

As you could believe, this is a blessing and a curse. I mean, of path, there is a lot to celebrate for the cheaper price of pixel five and the focal point at the maximum essential part of the smartphone experience. But it is undeniable that as we move away from the high-end details that require more cost, some things will inevitably be lost, including the special face unlock system that Google introduced to the Pixel series only a year ago.

As I placed it at the same time as chewing over the alternate ultimate October:

In the long run, if Google wants to transform its home phone plan into a sustainable business, then losing these luxury items to build a more affordable Pixel phone may be a price to pay. This makes sense on one level, even if it is a bit disappointing on another level. However, the real test is to see if this latest strategy is what Google really insists on, or if we find ourselves considering launching another “Google phone” at this time next year.

This brings us to the present moment and the more vague question surrounding the arrival of the Pixel 6 this fall: Will the Pixel 6 continue to adopt Google’s more price-focused and large-scale sales method? Does it represent a return? Pixel’s original vision, to compete with high-end devices without apology, and position Pixel as a true high-end flagship?

All leaks seem to indicate the latter. But changing the definition and brand identity of mobile phones just a year after such a big shift would be an incredible shift, even by Google’s vertigo standards. This is even more so when you consider that it involves going back to a kind of sales figures that obviously doesn't produce the kind of sales that Google wants and moving from the more valuable method it has to a high-price strategy for everyone. Account, it works very well. All in all, it does look like a headache sequence.

Of course, it is always possible for Google to aim for a more subtle middle ground. After all, by creating chips inside Pixel 6, Google can save considerable cash on the basic cost of the device. As we discussed last fall, this definitely means that Google, at least in theory, can pass on some of these savings to us humble land mammals who like to fiddle with shiny smartphone screens. With this in mind, perhaps Google can also have a cheaper Pixel cake and eat it.

Another possible rationalization is that Google can emphasize the benefit of Pixel 6’s longer provider lifestyles as a balancing component for any growth in cell tele cell smartphone costs. I mean, think about it: it’s only fully recommended when the smartphone’s software is reasonably updated (yes, this applies to monthly security patches and the major operating system updates surrounding them). Today, this is a fairly uncontroversial statement, especially for those who care about the best privacy, security, and performance on mobile devices.

With this in mind, let’s do some clever mathematical operations with smartphones, shall we? If you bought the shiny new Galaxy S21 Ultra for $1,200 when the phone was launched, you would actually have to pay $400 a year during the sensible ownership of your phone ($1,200 divided by three), in other words , Because Samsung promised to provide three years of operating system updates for the device. Even if the Pixel 6 ends up costing the same not-so-cheap price, given its expected 5-year continuous operating system update window, it will still reach $240 per year during its lifespan. Isn’t it different?

As you can see, the extended support window may become an important advantage proposed by Google Pixel. If the price of Pixel 6 is ultimately lower than the average price of flagship phones, the annual cost savings may be even more amazing. It may take several months before we can determine all the content of Pixel 6 and the type of strategy it actually represents. However, based on everything we have seen so far, we have every reason to be optimistic that this may be the decisive moment for Pixel, which finally helped Google’s hotline stand out from the shadows and find a position corresponding to him. . Among the bustling Android mob.

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