how game of thrones should have ended

How Game of Thrones Should Have Ended

In the first episode of the eighth season of How Game of Thrones, “Pawnshop,” Cersei arrives at the seance to collect her father’s inheritance. Jon and Dani’s wedding day are just days away. Everything goes well until a strange visitor arrives and reveals that his father has died in the Red Keep. Cersei plots to kill her husband but is stopped by the Faceless God, who reminds her of how her late father used to rule.

The season ends with a shocking scene in which Cersei kills her father, making her the new Queen of England. However, Cersei still retains her confused and suspicious mind. She tries to control her turbulent emotions while trying to keep her sister from taking advantage of the throne. The fight between Cersei and her sister, Marga, in the Red Keep turns into a bloody battle. In the final episode, Cersei discovers that she possesses the keys to the throne and realizes that she must use them to eliminate her rivals.

Cersei’s downfall When Marga wins her challenge to become queen, Cersei flees the scene. However, a mysterious and powerful man named Ben Kingsley appears on the scene and reveals that he has been appointed as acting king while Cersei recovers from her injuries. He tells Cersei that she is the Queen in waiting. He then gives her a scroll with a list of future goals. One of the goals is to eliminate all threats to her throne such as her mother and her former hand, Tommen. Ben explains that he can make her queen by force if she so chooses, but he wants her to work with him to achieve her goals.

Cersei sends Dany to serve as an assistant in the war effort. She also sends her best friend, Jorah, to be Hand of the King in Dorne. During a meeting with the kings of the seven kingdoms, Cersei reveals that she has Ben as a secretively kept agent. The kings are skeptical when Cersei mentions Ben Kingsley. They are also impressed by Dany’s talent as a warrior and want her to return to her homeland with them to serve as their Queen. However, Dany refuses the throne, instead taking Jorah with her to fulfill his role as Hand of the King.

Jon Snow Later during the season, Jon Snow volunteers to go into the battle on behalf of the House of the Hand. He doesn’t think that it is right for him to fight at the front lines because he loves his sister, Shae. When he is killed, she vows to kill herself and marry Jon Snow’s dead father. In the books, however, she doesn’t bring him back from the dead.

Tyrion’s story Although not related to the series, this book features another main character, Tyrion. He is the one who knows the answer to the question, “What happened at the wedding?” This book was very well written, with many interesting characters including Tyrion, Dorne and even Essos. It would have been interesting to see how this story would turn out if the series had continued, especially considering the way that the series ended.

A Song of Ice and Fire series After the events of the book series, the TV show takes center stage. Martin’s source material now belongs to HBO, so expect several big changes from what we saw in the books. For example, Cersei won’t be wearing her golden tiara anymore. This is one of the biggest shocks in the series, since she was wearing it before her marriage.

On the other hand, Martin also gave fans what they want. He gave them what they want in the six seasons of the TV show, which is unmatched to any other TV show in history. The fans were treated to a more complex and intricate story, which captivates everyone.

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