How is New President in Afghanistan?

How is new president in Afghanistan

Ashraf Ghani was elected President of Afghanistan in October 2021 after the election of Mr. Karzai. At that time, the United States was not yet at war with either Taliban or al Qaeda. The new president came to office promising to bring stability and peace to a war-torn country. Over the past five years there have been serious debates about what the role should be of the United States in Afghanistan. Some people would like to see the United States entirely withdraw all their forces from Afghanistan. Others want to make a drawdown that would leave much of their force in the country, but retain a presence to provide security for the populace.

The present circumstances on the ground in Afghanistan are the result of the war that Mr. Ghani has inherited. Many people believe that he inherited a mess because he failed to install the kind of democratic and stable government that existed during the rule of the civil warlords. Some people blame the Obama administration for not supporting what the former government had tried to do. Some administration officials have said that President Obama wanted to keep the US commitment to Afghan security forces until the end of the US military presence in the country. This was rejected by the new president and he now has to work with the national security adviser to come up with a strategy for the long-term defense of the country.

How is President Obama doing? He has sent more troops to fight the Taliban. This has enabled him to get more support for his national security adviser. Much of the criticism of the Obama administration has come from within the Republican party.

Some are criticizing the withdrawal of the US forces from Iraq. They say this is proof that our president doesn’t really understand the problems in Afghanistan. Others point out that there is already too much American Presence in the country. This forces the Americans to rely even more on the support of the locals. The last thing the president needs right now is for them to depend on locals for support.

With that said, the national security advisor is in the position to help Obama make the right decisions. The question is how? Why is the national security advisor in the first place? How is he chosen to be the one who will help determine how Obama is going to handle things in Afghanistan?

One of the first things the new president learned on his travel to India was to listen carefully to India’s perspective on how to deal with India and Afghanistan. When Obama learned that his new cabinet mate was Indian, he asked his chief of staff to find out more about him. The aide showed him a series of videos of Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on YouTube. The new president was impressed by the Indian approach to how is the new president in Afghanistan.

The American president-elect learned a lot from this lesson. He realized that the national security team needed to get together quickly and make sure their views were in sync. There had been a war between India and Pakistan once before, and that created a bad impression for the Americans. Now that the two nations have come to a peace agreement, the new American president was able to change his tune. It was no secret that Obama wanted to strengthen America’s hand in the world and work alongside India to do so.

In fact, this is exactly how Obama is using the relationship with India to bolster America’s overall security. If India is able to help the Americans in Afghanistan, it will have done a great favor to the United States. On the other hand, if India doesn’t help, the Americans might not get the assistance they need there. After all, how is the new president in Afghanistan to win over the enemy?

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