Is Pakistan a safe country

Is Pakistan a Safe Country For Women?

Is Pakistan a safe country? For women living in this part of the world, it can be tough to find the answer. Despite all the progress made in gender equality and women’ empowerment in Pakistan, attitudes are still biased against women. It seems that, in the majority of areas, men can get away with far more abuses and violence against women than against them. Is Pakistan a safe country for women? And if so, how?

Gender crimes are on the rise in many parts of the world. The problem seems to be getting worse in developing countries like Pakistan where domestic abuse is a huge problem. One reason may be that many men here don’t view women as equal. They think they should be protected from physical harm at every opportunity. But this is a false claim.

According to United Nations statistics, in 2021, approximately 32% of all murders in the world were committed by members of the family or associates. Some families have been known to resort to physically punishing daughters who have displeased them. This often happens when the girls are taken to harsh households where domestic abuse is common. Is Pakistan a safe country for girls?

The sad fact is that many girls are still married to abusive men. In many parts of the world, even young girls are married off as teenagers. So, is Pakistan a safe country for girls?

According to the Pakistani government, domestic violence has declined significantly over the past 15 years. Perhaps this is true. Many Pakistani girls remain trapped in the homes of abusive men. But the sad reality is that many more girls are being married off as brides than ever before. And the rate is only going up.

The rising trend of girls getting married has been aided by internet marketing in the country. There are many online providers of matchmaking services and websites that groom girls for marriages. Is Pakistan a safe country for girls using these services? In many cases it is. But there are many dangers that come with it.

The internet offers a quick and easy means of meeting people. This has resulted in many thousands of marriages being arranged and in most cases it is the Pakistani boy who is forced to go to jail. But is Pakistan a safe country for girls using these services? In theory yes. But there is a darker side. The rapid spread of crime in the country has resulted in many girls being married to criminals.

These criminals do not stay in Pakistan. They travel to other countries like India and Afghanistan to find their next victim. The result is an uneducated and badly educated girl in a dangerous environment. Is Pakistan a safe country for girls?

It may have been easy to meet girls online. But the dangerous route they take is shocking. Many girls end up being married to a much older man who may be a drug addict or a gang leader. She may be subjected to all kinds of torture at his hands. Is Pakistan a safe country for girls?

But girls staying in the country are also facing very dangerous situations. Many young girls have been abducted and used as sex slaves by men who force them to become pregnant. Then they are raped. Girls who run away from home are also at risk of being married to someone from a different part of the world. Is Pakistan a safe country for women?

The problem is worse in rural areas. Girls often are married to very young men and are forced to live with them. They have no education and little job security, so they are usually locked in dirty, cramped houses. That’s not a very pretty picture, is it?

All this may seem like an impossible task. What can you do? What can any government do? If you want to find out how to stay safe in Pakistan, you should try an online community that specializes in helping other women.

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