Is Pakistan safe for US citizens

Why is Pakistan Safe For US Citizens?

“Is Pakistan safe for US citizens?” This is a question I often ask, because I am so afraid that one day soon, there will be no American in the country. Indeed, the Pakistani government has made it very clear that they do not want bin Laden back. Still, do the US citizens who reside in Pakistan have their safety guaranteed?

The answer depends on what you mean by safe. Is Pakistan safe for US military personnel? Well, the government and military are very clear that they are committed to protecting the lives of those serving in the military. They take special security measures, like video monitoring and security zones around all installations. Additionally, they are working to build up the country’ defense infrastructure.

Is Pakistan safe for US citizens going into the country? The answer depends on your definition of safe. If you were to ask the administration if bin Laden was being held there, the answer would probably be no. The Pakistanis do not believe bin Laden is alive or in their country. They also doubt that the presence of Pakistani troops in bin Laden’ compound was a violation of Pakistani law and that the US violated the Pakistani territory by forcing their soldiers into the area. In addition, the Pakistani government does not think America is taking necessary precautions to protect them from terrorists.

Is Pakistan safe for US citizens traveling on a terrorist watch list? Currently, no. Although the Pakistani government and military are very worried about possible sleeper cells within their borders, they consider any type of terrorist activity as unacceptable. They also suspect that some of the information coming from the bin Laden camp may be used against them.

Is Pakistan safe for US citizens who want to fight against International Terrorism? Currently, yes. Currently, the Pakistani military is fighting international terrorists inside of the borders of the country. Furthermore, there are special forces and advisers at the United States Military Academy at Fort Worth, Texas, which are training some of the best Arabic language speaking terrorists who wish to come join the fight against US forces in Afghanistan.

Is Pakistan safe for US citizens who want to fight against International Terrorism? Currently, yes. The Pakistanis do not consider the presence of bin Laden in their country, an appropriate place for him to live. Moreover, the Pakistani military is aggressively fighting these international terrorists within their borders. The military is also assisting the United States Military in Afghanistan. Furthermore, the Pakistanis do not consider the presence of US military advisors training other radicals to be an acceptable place for them to live.

Is Pakistan safe for US citizens to travel without consulting with the proper authorities? Currently, yes. Just like the US military, the Pakistani government has been extremely careful to strike a good deal with American citizens who travel without proper authorization. For instance, if you plan on traveling to Pakistan, and wish to get a passport, you must apply with the proper authorities and have your passport renewed upon your return to the United States.

Is Pakistan safe for US citizens? It depends on how much you want to risk. The general feeling within Pakistan is that America is still a top country and they do not want to be associated with terrorists or radicals. However, the general population is quite fearful and they do not want to be anywhere near the enemy. If you are safe to travel to Pakistan, then that is the most important thing.

Why did bin Laden have to leave his home to come to Afghanistan? Well, it appears that it was to find a safe haven from capture. There are many rumors that bin Laden had a small amount of Russian money and he wanted to invest in Russian businesses in order to raise funds to fight off the US military. Therefore, if bin Laden had those funds, he would not have been so worried about being captured.

Additionally, there is the issue of al Qaeda and other terrorists using their schools as bases to train and recruit. Any place where terrorist groups could regroup and/or regroup would be a very dangerous place. Therefore, it would make sense for the military to keep a close eye on the schools that are run by bin Laden’ organization.

Would you like to have your own nation? If so, would you like to have a safe haven to do so? Would you like to work with the military? If so, would you like to be able to travel freely without the fear of your government watching your every move? The answers to these questions should help you to understand the question of why is Pakistan safe for US citizens? Please consider all this.

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