Is Pakistan safer than India

Is Pakistan Safe Than India?

Is Pakistan safe than India? Many people living in both the countries will surely think this question to be most welcome. Both the countries are fighting terrorists and keeping each other secure at the same time. In fact, there have been a number of high-profile terrorist attacks in India and several in Pakistan. To know more about the security scenario in the two countries, we need to know about their history first. After all, people who live in India are bound to feel a sense of security, whereas people residing in Pakistan will always feel insecure.

The overall security scenario in both India and Pakistan has improved in recent years but there are still several security issues which need to be addressed. India has a huge army & police force which are ready to fight any form of militancy anywhere in the country. On the other hand, there is no effective security apparatus in place to tackle the terrorism issue in Pakistan.

According to the statistical data available, India has one of the highest recorded incidences of Female genital mutilation (FGM) in the whole world. Moreover, there is an acute shortage of female police officers in the country. All these factors lead to increase in crime rate and increase in terrorism in the country. Both Indian and Pakistani states have a problem with law enforcement agencies not functioning properly & accepting victims of female genital mutilation.

According to estimates, the Indian State of Jammu & Kashmir is the most affected state by International terrorist outfits. Several terrorist outfits like LeBaron, Jaishwant Haq and Indian Mujahideen International have carried out massive terrorist activities in this part of India. In fact, there are many instances of International Terrorist organizations having planned attacks on India and had even carried them out. On the other hand, most of the incidents of International Terrorism in Pakistan have come from the Pakistani army and their army bases. So, it is very clear that the security situation in both the countries is not good at all.

Apart from terrorism, there is another big problem for the security forces in India and that is infiltration of drugs in the country. There are several incidents of Drug related cases in different parts of the country. The infiltration of drugs is mainly by people belonging to the lower castes of the society.

It is a known fact that the army of Pakistan has been fighting alongside the Taliban in Afghanistan. It is quite obvious that the security forces of Pakistan are engaged in combat in Baluchistan province. In this region, infiltration of criminals is very high and drug trafficking is also on a high. Moreover, most of the officials in the security forces are accused of being involved in the Human Trafficking and Drug Abuse against the civilians.

Now let us come to the topic of International Terrorism. In recent years, there have been several cases of International Terrorism in different parts of the country. Most of these cases were of International Terrorism sponsored or financed by the USA & Saudi Arabia. Pakistan’s support to terrorists in Kashmir has also given rise to numerous terrorist cases.

Overall, would say that Pakistan is neither safe nor secure. Both the governments are involved in corruption and one has to keep a close watch on the situation. Also, would like to state that the number of tourists is decreasing day by day due to the security issues. All in all, Pakistan is not a safe destination for tourists.

On the political front, I would like to mention the PTI’s latest stunt in Bhutto. The party has demanded that the PML-led government should resign because of the rigging case that is going on in Bhutto. The use of banned drugs in the nation is another major concern that the international community has. It is very unfortunate that we live in a world where things like drugs, terrorism, and political instability are treated with so much importance. Unfortunately, our media is also unable to give a proper message on these issues.

On the other hand, India is also facing many domestic problems and is becoming increasingly unstable internally. Recently, there was an attack on an Indian consulate in southwestern China, which killed two Chinese citizens and injured many more. On the other hand, the Indian government’s handling of the border dispute with China is also getting problematic. Last year, there was a deadly riot at a Border Line between the two nations, leading to the deaths of dozens of people and injuries to thousands. All of this goes to show that no matter what the international media tries to portray, no country in the world is immune from corruption.

Despite all this, tourism is the nation’s number one industry. Thousands of tourists visit Pakistan each year to enjoy its pristine beaches, friendly people, and diverse culture. Pakistan’s currency, the Pound Sterling, is less costly than that of India, yet it is stable, secure, and a convenient way to spend money while traveling internationally. In short, visiting Pakistan is fun, safe, and economical. Now get out there!

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