Is Pakistan very poor

Is Pakistan Very Poor?

Is Pakistan very poor? It is a question that the whole world is wondering. The amount of available land in Pakistan is less than the space occupied by the United States. This means that Pakistan lacks a strategic location to attract foreign investment and make the most of them. It also lacks a stable government that could attract investors.

This question was raised repeatedly at a recent seminar organized by an organization called International Association of Retired Persons (IAMP). The host was asked, “If we compare the per capita income of Pakistan with that of the South Asian countries – India, Sri Lanka and Nepal, how would you judge their poverty?” The host responded by saying, “If we have Per Capita income, then yes, they are very poor. If we have a healthy environment, excellent health indicators, low infant and child mortality rate, good education, etc., then no, they are not very poor.” He went on to say that both the government and the private sectors in Pakistan were doing their level best to reduce poverty. He was unable to give any figures.

Is Pakistan very poor? We can find a lot of reasons to explain the low levels of development. Some of them are obvious. A weak military and police force, ineffective public education system, rampant corruption, and lack of basic infrastructure are some of the major causes of poverty in Pakistan. Without aid, these problems cannot be tackled.

But there are many more things that contribute to poverty in Pakistan. For instance, the price of crude oil has gone up by more than forty percent in the last year. If we do not start to control our use of oil, the price of crude will keep going up and we will end up with a poverty line of $USifty a barrel.

Is Pakistan very poor? If the prices of crude go up, the government will be in trouble. A weak military and a poor police force will not help. Corruption is rampant in the country and the poor government is unable to tackle it. Without proper support from the International community, it is hard to see where the country will get out of its mess.

Is Pakistan very poor? At this point in time, the answer is no. There are segments in the society that are extremely poor. Those who live on less than ten dollars a day are living in extreme poverty.

Is Pakistan very poor? Yes, but not as far as international agencies are concerned. They have provided financial assistance to millions of people who live in Pakistan. These billions of dollars have helped build hospitals, provide schooling and employment. That is why there is no poverty line in Pakistan.

Is Pakistan very poor? No, but it is also time to start worrying. The government and the International community will not solve all our problems overnight.

Is Pakistan very poor because of a corrupt government? Yes, there are many corrupt politicians in the country, and some of them have managed to extend their rule to the entire system. But, without a doubt, poverty is a very serious problem in Pakistan, and the lack of jobs, poverty pay and lack of opportunities for progress make life very difficult for ordinary people.

Is Pakistan very poor because of terrorism? Yes, there are many terrorist organizations in the country and they have managed to kill innocent people. They have also kidnapped innocent girls, boys and other residents. But, this problem cannot be solved overnight.

Is Pakistan very poor because of ignorance? Yes, there are some areas in the rural areas which are still untouched by advanced technology. Some of the people are still living in caves and living in the dark. But, there has been some development in these areas. Also, many people have managed to study and find jobs in cities.

Is Pakistan very poor because of lack of education? Yes, it is true that the educational level in the country is very low. But, this problem can be solved with the help of the education ministry and modern educational institutes. Other than this, the lack of job and lack of progress in life make people to be categorized as poor.

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