Jobs in USA and Canada For Pakistani Graduates

Jobs in USA and Canada For Pakistani Graduates

Jobs in USA for Pakistani graduates are not as difficult to find as you might think. Although the number of job openings in Pakistan is relatively small, there are still several opportunities for professionals in the country. In addition, it is not that difficult to find jobs abroad for qualified professionals, especially considering the global economic crisis that has affected many countries. However, for the first time, many Pakistani graduates find employment in the United States, Canada or the UK.

This is largely due to the increased demand for educated professionals from the third world. These professionals come with skills and qualifications that the western market is lacking, but lack the experience to earn a living on their own in their home country. There are several jobs available for Pakistani graduates in the USA. They include: IT professionals, including software and hardware engineers, virtual office assistants, speech-language pathologists and administrative assistants. These jobs pay well and many graduates will stay in the country to increase their skills and find work in America. However, for now, they remain employed in Pakistan.

Another group that is gaining entry-level jobs in the USA is the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) industry. BPO refers to outsourcing functions to other companies in the USA or Canada. This enables an organisation to cut costs by contracting out excess functions. For BPO jobs, a graduate can expect to start at the bottom and work his way up, either through contract assignments or permanent positions.

A third area gaining jobs in the USA for Pakistani graduates is telecommunication. telecommunication jobs are found all over the country, particularly in major cities like New York, where telecommunications companies are booming. Telecommunication companies are employing several hundred graduates a month in the country. A recent survey showed that half of those who had jobs in USA were telecommunication workers. This seems to be the sector that is set to see the most growth in the coming years.

All this means that there is plenty of scope for job seekers from Pakistan who wish to improve their skills and move to the USA or Canada. Jobs in the USA for Pakistani graduates are therefore in high demand. What’ more, is that salaries are very competitive. Many professionals are earning six figures a year in the USA and Canadians. That earns them lots of money each year! Plus, they are far from exhausting their options in the USA and Canadians.

So, what kinds of jobs are available for Pakistani graduates? Well, the most common jobs are telecommunication engineers, information technology professionals and IT graduates. Although there are some openings for doctors, nurses and pharmacists, these are far fewer in number. In general, there are fewer jobs for foreigners in the medical profession in the USA and Canada.

The most promising jobs for graduates are those related to consumer behaviour analysis and research scientist positions. Consumer behaviour analysts look at how people behave as a result of their shopping habits. They try to understand what makes people buy products and why. They try to understand why certain behaviours are adopted by people across cultures and classes. In addition to this, they analyze what factors cause certain economic variables to increase or decrease.

Professionals like financial analysts, managers and marketing researchers need to be proficient in American and Canadian English as well as mathematical or business English. They need to be highly organized and good at problem solving. There are jobs in the US and Canada for Pakistani graduates in financial services, accountants, insurance agents and mortgage brokers. These jobs offer higher salaries as well as interesting work environments.

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