Possibility Of An Attack On The USA Again – What Are Your Options?

If the United States withdraws from Afghanistan, and that happens then a possible outcome is that the United States will once again attack the Taliban. This is unfortunate, but so is all of our engagement in Afghanistan. We don’t enjoy it, we don’t win it, we lose it all. But in essence, what I’m saying is that we’re simply playing a game of chicken with them. I’ve always said if you’re scared to lose, then play a different game. In this case, the game of chicken might not be a very good thing for the United States and could lead to another attack on Afghanistan, or an increase of attacks on the United States.

possibility of again attack on Afghanistan

When you back off, they go elsewhere, and we go after them harder, and that’s really what I’m getting at. We are currently in a political vacuum, and if the Obama Administration and his national security advisor to get out, that’s exactly where things are going. The next president is going to inherit an all Afghanistan conflict theater. What do I mean by that?

I mean that the United States of America cannot win the future in Afghanistan, because there are too many enemies within that fighting space. We cannot beat the Taliban, or Al Qaeda or even Iran at this point. So why do so many folks want to go into another war in the Middle East? Why does the President of the United States think that we should start another military engagement in the middle east, which essentially would be another war involving the US? It doesn’t make any sense.

However, he did say that we needed to get tougher, and that’s true, and we need to defeat the Taliban, and prevent them from taking over any more of Afghanistan. He also mentioned that there are a number of nations waiting for American troops to come home. So, why is that good for America? He doesn’t know why, but the American people do. And so, they voted for Obama because he said he was going to bring more troops home from Iraq.

This sends a clear message to our military, and our nation that we are not going to change the course of operations in Afghanistan. If we were to get tougher, or to start a new military campaign, that would not be good. And that also goes for another military action in the middle east, and probably with the Russians, or the Chinese. We don’t have any allies there that we are trying to help defeat our enemy. We’re just playing into their hands again, and they might play us into a worse situation down the road.

We need to increase the number of troops, but we need to do it in a smart way. Something that draw attention, and increases the morale, and the spirit of the troops, and shows the people of America that we still care about them. I have one suggestion. We need to get the President to send more American soldiers into battle to defeat the enemy and prevent another attack on America.

That’s one step, but we need more, and I’m not talking about sending more soldiers into combat. As a matter of fact, that’s not what I’m talking about. What I’m talking about is supporting them so they can win the war, and protect the American people from another attack. Now, how can you do that? There are a few things you can do, but they’re small and simple, and all will make a difference.

Support the troops, and let them do their job. Support the Afghan government, because if we want to win this war decisively, and win it for our great nation, then we’ve got to support the people of Afghanistan. Help them build their country, and help them become stronger as a nation. Tell them what you think, and don’t be afraid to say exactly what you think, and how you feel. It’s time to come together as a world citizen and say enough is enough.

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