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Punjab University is one of the reputed educational institutions in India. It is one of the oldest universities of India. Punjab has a proud past; the city is a historic place and many historical monuments are located here. The city offers a lot of educational programs and it is not an easy task to get admission in this university.

If you want to get admission in Punjab University, first you need to submit all your curriculum vitae. There is no particular procedure to submit your curriculum vitae but first prepare it properly so that it can stand by itself and the name can reach the last admission date without any delays. Secondly, you should have a copy of matriculation. The last admission date for B.S.I.T is not fixed and you need to submit the matriculation certificate along with the application form along with the fees in hand or you can also download the entire process from the website of Punjab University.

In order to get admission in B.S.I.T, first you have to attend the university and collect few details about the courses you are interested in. There are separate departments for women, men and other students so that they can provide their specific preferences regarding the courses. You should collect information like the names of your parents, your academic qualification, your interests, hobbies and the list go on. You may also have to give your contact information along with phone numbers.

Punjab University admits students of different categories and provides differentiated set of courses for different categories. The course is divided into easy courses and more difficult one, so that the students can get the appropriate kind of understanding in easier time. There are various sets of entrance exam for different courses, which are conducted in the particular semester. All the students get to take the examination based on their performance and the final exam consists of multiple choice section too. For getting competitive results Punjab University has planned various competitions for different categories of students.

Generally the study stream which can be obtained by candidates from different universities is combined in Punjab University. For this they plan some exclusive events for admitting new students. This will be an added advantage for students who are looking forward to get admission in B.S.I.T. entrance exam. University has scheduled some exclusive matches for common candidates in the coming academic year.

On-campus recruitment is the main source of students coming to Punjab University for B.S.I.T. entrance exam. University has successfully managed to recruit students from all across India and many foreign countries.

Admission in Punjab is also based on examination papers only. Students applying through Online mode have to clear preliminary examination like TOEFL and IELTS. Online mode also includes online mock tests and essay writings. In order to successfully clear the exam more than one mock test should be written and students should also complete preparatory course in order to gain a good score.

A complete list of rules governing entrance exam for B.S.I.T. can be found in the website of Punjab University. Before sitting for online examination you must read the relevant information from that site.

For online students there are FAQs, hints and tips which will help them to pass the examination easily. There are many preparation activities and mock tests on the website, which will help students to clear the examination quickly. Exams for B.S.I.T. also include sample papers, which will act as a practice before actually appearing in that exam.

The time taken to complete an entrance examination for B.S.I.T. is lesser than normal college examination. This is because students from other country come to India for higher studies. Online university also gives better accreditation to the degree candidates, which is not possible in case of correspondence courses.

Punjab University has excellent facilities for online teaching. They offer the best computer labs for training. The labs offer the latest technology for effective training. The teachers are also well versed with modern technologies and are experienced in using them. The tutors have good experience in their profession and possess good communication skills which ensure an easy and comfortable learning process for the students.

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